Does this look like the face of someone who would throw burning hot nacho cheese on an 711 employee?(Spoiler:yes)


Does this look like the face of someone who would throw burning hot nacho cheese on an 711 employee?(Spoiler:yes)

Would you like to guess where the beauty is from?!?………………………..Florida, everyone immediately thought of Florida, right? Well, If so….you are correct! We have ourselves a real life Joe Dirt!

Florida is the bio-hazard of America. Where old people go to die and shady people hide from their problems (sorry friends, who live in Florida. I guess?). Oh and where the most overrated place in the world is located….Disney world! I know wayyyyyyyyy too many adults who don’t have kids that go there religiously once a year. But lets dig into little old Stephanie Hicks…..

When officers arrived at the Melbourne convenience store Thursday around 1 AM, they found store clerk Ann Marie Laflamme with “yellow nacho cheese on her hands, her foot, and on the floor behind the register.”

According to a Melbourne Police Department report, customer Stephanie Hicks, 31, threw the nacho cheese and a sandwich at Laflamme after a dispute over the hot cheese dispenser. Laflamme told cops that she had asked Hicks not to open the dispenser, a request that left Hicks irate and resulted in the patron calling the worker “several names.”

When Hicks sought to pay for her food, Laflamme refused her service. Hicks, cops allege, responded by striking Laflamme with the hot nacho cheese and the sandwich.

Hey Anne-Marie haven’t you heard of  “Sticks and stones may break my bones
But names will never harm me.” Maybe when a lady who comes in that looks like she’s been on meth for days upon days comes into your 711, you might want to help them out so they leave as fast as possible. Instead of getting the gooey greatness of nacho cheese all over you. I’m just happy I’ve never done meth like her (allegedly(no mentions of meth in article)) and have great genes……cause that’s one ROUGH 31-year-old.

Hicks, who complained that the clerk “started to have an attitude with her,” was arrested for misdemeanor battery for “willfully and intentionally throwing hot cheese and a sandwich at Laflamme with the intent to cause her harm.” Seen above, Hicks was booked into the Brevard County jail, from which she was released after a day behind bars.

I feel like on one hand the cashiers at 711 in Florida must be pretty, pretty bad. But then I look at the picture…………..Florida, truly not like the rest of us.






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